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Parcel to Canada

Parcel to Canada

Parcel to Canada

Canada, stretching from the U.S. in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north, is filled with vibrant cities including massive, multicultural Toronto; predominantly French-speaking Montréal and Québec City; Vancouver and Halifax on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, respectively; and Ottawa, the capital. It’s also crossed by the Rocky Mountains and home to vast swaths of protected wilderness.

Situated between the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, Canada is the world’s second largest country, after Russia. Such large distances may make Canada seem like an unreachable destination but at Postage Planet, we take such distances in our stride. When sending important documents or parcels to a vast country like Canada, it’s important to use a name you can trust. That’s why Postage Planet is the perfect choice.

Serving over 220 countries and territories worldwide, Postage Planet is well equipped to handle all your international deliveries.

Our fast and secure delivery service means your parcel delivery to Canada is made in good time. Along with our door-to-door service, parcels are signed for on delivery ensuring your package reaches its destination safely. Want to know how to send a parcel to Canada? Get a quote from Postage Planet.

Around 700 UK companies are doing business in Canada. These include well-known companies like Carillion, HSBC, Aviva and Burberry.

Benefits to British businesses exporting to Canada include:

·         familiar products and service providers

·         proximity to US market

·         similar legal and business practices

·         diverse ethnic population

·         pending CETA agreement will reduce trade restrictions

Strengths of the Canadian market include:

·         strong economic growth and banking sector

·         high personal wealth

·         large and diverse natural resource sectors

·         strong business and consumer base

·          UK and Canada trade

UK goods and service exports to Canada were worth £7.5 billion in 2013. The UK is Canada’s sixth largest source of goods imports and second largest services trading partner.

Top 10 UK exports to Canada are:

·         petroleum products

·         aerospace parts

·         pharmaceuticals

·         motor vehicles

·         aircraft engines

·         gold

·         medical products

·         spirits

·         transport vehicles

·         tractors

Prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, and can sometimes apply to items which you may think are ordinary. The information below is provided in good faith, but Postage Planet is not responsible for it, and it should be viewed as a guide only. Specific restrictions and changes may be enforced at short notice, so for clarification please contact the destination country's trade, postal, and customs authorities as appropriate.

Restricted/prohibited goods

The importation of certain goods is restricted or prohibited in Canada. To avoid the possibility of penalties, including seizure or prosecution, make sure you have the information you require before attempting to import items into Canada.

The following are some examples of restricted or prohibited goods:

Firearms and weapons: You must declare all weapons and firearms at the CBSA port of entry when you enter Canada.

Food, plants, animals and related products: All food, plants, animals, and related products must be declared. Food can carry disease, such as E. coli. Plants and plant products can carry invasive alien species, such as the Asian Long-Horned Beetle. Animals and animal products can carry diseases, such as avian influenza and foot-and-mouth disease.

Explosives, fireworks and ammunition: You are required to have written authorization and permits to bring explosives, fireworks and certain types of ammunition into Canada.

Vehicles: Vehicles include any kind of pleasure vehicles such as passenger cars, pickup trucks, snowmobiles and motor homes, as long as you use them for non-commercial purposes. There are many requirements that apply to the importation of vehicles.

Consumer products: The importation of certain consumer products that could pose a danger to the public (e.g., baby walkers, jequirity beans that are often found in art or bead work) is prohibited. Canadian residents should be aware of consumer products that have safety requirements in Canada. Many of these safety requirements are stricter than requirements of other countries.