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Parcel to Cyprus

Parcel to Cyprus

Parcel to Cyprus

At Postage Planet we deliver parcels around the world and we understand how important it is to provide a fast and affordable international courier service.

Sending a parcel has never been easier with our simple online booking system. Enter your parcel dimensions and weight and then choose from a wide range of couriers including Parcelforce, DHL and DPD to name a few which can all be booked online 24 hours a day using PayPal or credit card payment you can then print your label and take your parcel to your nearest post office or a courier will collect your parcel from your door.

If you need to book a courier to Cyprus and are sending a parcel for business or sending a gift to family or Friends book with Postage Planet.

Cyprus, with a population of less than a million, is one of the UK’s top 50 export markets. British products and services are well established on the island.

Benefits for UK businesses exporting to Cyprus include:

·         no trade barriers as European Union (EU) member

·         high awareness of UK products and brands

·         English widely spoken

·         island economy so relies heavily on imports

·         large number of British nationals living on the island or visiting as tourists

·         business culture, banking, accounting and legal systems similar to UK

Strengths of the Cyprus market include:

·         gateway to the Middle East, Gulf, Russia and eastern Europe

·         lowest corporate tax (12.5%) in the EU

·         advanced telecommunications network and infrastructure

·         highly educated and skilled workforce (mostly UK educated)

Prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, and can sometimes apply to items which you may think are ordinary. The information below is provided in good faith, but Postage Planet is not responsible for it, and it should be viewed as a guide only. Specific restrictions and changes may be enforced at short notice, so for clarification please contact the destination country's trade, postal, and customs authorities as appropriate. Business customers are strongly recommended to do this.

  • Nuclear, chemical and toxic weapons
  • Goods used for illegal hunting of game
  • Goods shipped or originating from countries under an embargo from the UN Security Council and the EU (e.g. Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Sudan)

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UK and Cyprus trade

The UK is Cyprus’ main trading partner. UK exports of goods to Cyprus were £500 million in 2014.

The UK’s main exports to Cyprus are:

·         petroleum, petroleum products and related materials

·         road vehicles

·         telecoms and sound recording equipment

·         articles of apparel and clothing accessories

·         special transactions and commodities not classified